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Many when watching their televisions might wonder why self professed marxists and islamists would be working together in the middle east right now.  The answer is Postmodernism and the ideas it has once more brought to prominence.  I say once more, because the origin of Postmodern thought has its roots in the Medieval.  It is my hope that by the end of this blog piece you should understand why this is so, and the implicatons that this has for our country and world. 


Often shortened in non-academic circles to "moral relivatism"  or the everpresent call for "tolerence" or "political correctness" in our society, Postmodern thought has vast implications and in many important ways is not a progressing past modernity, but a return to that which came before, the medieval.  Consider two related topics, Power and Sovergnity. During the Medieval period a political Kingdom was determined by the area over which a certian individual, the monarch, or Soverign, could assert his Power.  The borders of this realm were changing and often disputed.  If a King died and one came to power who was less able to exert thier authority, they could be overrun, and portions of their Kingdom could be lost.  In absolute monarchies, the King was the State, and the Law.  There were also groups that had immense power but no soverignty, such as the  Cathoic Clergy, Templars, Jesuits, Guilds etc.  The tranistion from he medieval to the moden has been one in which all power which was held in one individual, the Soverign, became distributed to the people.  This is the tranistion from subject to citizen, and our Revolution was the first time in history that a free people broke with their colonial power and established a Nation State.  The rise of the soverign individual, and the Nation State are two of two of the hallmarks of modernity. This implies a rule of Law not of Men, and a community of nations which recognize each others borders and territorital integrity. 


Postmodern thought developed as a way of pushing back against many of the pilliars on which modernity was based.  In some ways it was beneficial, as it has allowed for the development of a whole range of areas of study.  In the langauge of academia the question is one of privledge.  If Man is privledged we should study Women, if the USA is privledged we should other countries, if Christianity is privledged, we should study Islam.  Sound familiar? Barack Obama is our first Post-Modern Presedent. 

"But wait" you say, "I thought he was a Marxist?" Well he is, of sorts, he is a Neo-Marxist.  A Neo-Marxist, mixes Postmodern and Marxist thought.  Many die hard Marxists hate postmodern thought because there is no real political agency possible within it, because nothing is allowed to be privledged over anything else.  A true Marxist is not a relitavist, they believe in one true goal, a utopian workers state. However, the thing that is most under attack in postmodernism is the individual itself, the hallmark of modernity.  If you decenter the individual, then what gets privledged is the group or collective, and here you can see why it can be mixed with great effectiveness with Marxism.  Neo-Marxists use this as a form of intellectual jijitsu to throw off the power of those they oppose and then advocate for thier Marxist postitions in the process. 


So Modernity developed out of a desire to push back against Medivalism and Postmodernism developed out of a desire to push back against Modernity.  As a result Postmodernism and Medievalism share MANY of the same characterics of belief, and they should, because many of the first Postmodern theorists, were trained as Medival scholars.  This is why there is a link between, Neo-Marxists and Islamists whom we could call Neo-Medieval.  They both believe in similar things, although one wants a secular socialistic state and the other wants a theocratic authoritarian regime.  They both use the UN to get around borders and soverignity of the nation state and they see the individual as part of a collective, not soverign unto themselves.  We see the rise of NGOs and Orginizations with immense Power, but not Soverignity such as The Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Quaeda, Hezbollah and Hammas, the  the UN, IAEA, World Bank, The Fed, Mexican Drug Cartels.  All these groups have NO Sovergnity, but have immense power. There is even an entire school of internalnational relations theory called Neo-Medivalism that influenced the way the Bush Administraton dealt with enemy combatants and persued the War on Terror.


This is why we need to worry about the interaction of the Marxists and the Islamists.  Right now both are using the same jujitsu move to get one over on those that oppose them.  Once they get done fighting their common enemy then they will turn on each other, and a that point I fear the Medieval beats the Modern every time. We must be viligant to see how these synergies are occuring understand why they are so powerful.  It goes far beyond "tolerance" or "moral relavitism" we are giving up on modernity itself, the sovergnity of the individual, and returning ourselves to a medieval mindset.  It is no wonder then that we feel like we need to assert the same rights our Founders did, as we are fighting against the same ideology as they did, only in a different guise. 

If you feel the threat you are facing is exestiential, you are right, it is. Failure is not an option.  I know we will prevail, if we understand how we are being attacked and why. 

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