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By Alan Bromley-Contributor 


While President Obama continues to try to consolidate power, and by-pass congress—by

appointing czars— to prevent companies from making profits (and employing people) and

to redistribute income from those who aspire to those who never seek hire, it has come

to our attention that there is a nascent coup emerging: Michelle Obama, who thinks living

in the White House is “Hell” and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who thinks,

whatever…have decided to get married and create the ultimate “nanny state.”


President Obama, reports have it, playing golf every weekend and basketball twice a week

(where by all accounts, his opponents say, he’s a trash-talker who can only go left), had no idea

that Michelle and Michael have a mutual fascination with each other.


Not only is Michelle said to be fed up with living in the White House, but she is enraged that

Obama has refused her calls to stop smoking and eating entrails ground into his fast-food diet—

and she has become enamored by Mayor Bloomberg, who has made dictating personal choices

that he seems unsavory as his clarion call. No smoking! No fat-filled meals! Rumor has it he

wants to tax dog-walkers, as they take up twice the space in cherished Manhattan than those

that don’t own pets, and wants to impose a surcharge on parents who have the audacity to

bear twins!


And Michelle, for her part (and her parts) -- particularly her hips-- which are two wide to

pass through the Panama Canal, wants the small business restaurant owners of America to

stop serving their most popular, profitable dishes to patrons, and serve them carrots, beets,

spinach—and all the other things President Obama refuses to eat! “Let them eat Arugula!”

Michelle told a nodding Michael at one of their clandestine meetings at a vegetarian restaurant.


Michelle and Michael, a marriage made in leaven, sorry, heaven, bonding as one, telling us how

and what to eat, what to enjoy, and what to tax and trash! And, she gets to leave the White

House, how that name irks her, and move into multi-billionaire Michael’s (oops, how did he

make so much without being pilloried by the demo-fascists?!) New York City townhouse, where

she can scoop up designer clothing for her multi-vacations.


BULLETIN: This just in at deadline: President Obama was told of Michelle’s fascination with

Mayor Bloomberg, and reverting to his most familiar Chicago terrain, has invited Bloomberg

to be his Vice Presidential running mate in 2012…Perhaps we’ll have to settle for a ménage a





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